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The Last Dead shows in California


     The whole thing was unexpected.  The Grateful Dead announcing they were going to do a few final shows.  And we got the whole Chicago connection, but no shows at home?  California was home base.  Then Santa Clara was announced, and you couldn’t get tickets. 

Food Bank Benefit


It took a few weeks to tally the results, and ... looks like we raised about $1,150 for the Marin/SF Food Bank at last month's Food Bank benefit.  This started out as an idea, pure and simple, that I floated to the late Nick Fitch at the San Rafael Elks Club a year ago.  Nick's love for music and stature at the Elks gained immediate support for what would become the "Festival for Food."   Dennis and Mimi at the Elks picked up the torch and ran with it, setting up a full day's worth of food and activities at their beautiful Magnolia Terrace.  In order to make it a musical event, we enlisted Matine & Noa, the Marin School of the Arts Jazz Combo, the Damon Le Gall Band, La Mandanga, and Key Lime Pie to provide music for the 7-hour event.  It came together effortlessly, as all these performers were eager to offer their talents to the cause.   Who knows ... maybe we'll be able to make this an annual event.

Fall is here


Summer's almost gone.  It won't be official until the 22nd day of September, but you can feel the change in the air.  The nights are a little cooler, the days a little shorter.  But for most people, this is their favorite time of the year, and we too are looking forward to the coming months.


Summer was a blur this year.  We put some miles on the trucks, supplementing a couple of Marin dates with shows in Half Moon Bay, Santa Rosa, and a couple of trips to Lake Tahoe.


We are taking this month of September to work on some new original songs as well as some classic songs we will be breaking out very soon.  We have a recording session coming up in a couple weeks.  With any luck, we'll be leaking out some new mp3's in short order.


Some of the best Ideas we've had for adding songs to list have come from you guys.  What songs would you like to hear Key Lime Pie perform?  Please shoot us a note and let us know your thoughts.  


Thanks for listening!

Corinthian Yacht Club


Okay, this past weekend was a three day gig weekend! I wrote about the Farmer's Market, and the Sausalito Seahorse. and honestly when Saturday came around and it was time for this third gig at the Corinthian, I was like, "Oh hell No!", but I am happy to say that I was dead wrong! First of all I love to play music with these guys anytime, and when we don't get together to practice, I feel like life gets a little discombobulated. Playing music with my band, is the one thing that keeps me sane, or grounded. This gig reminded me of that more than anything.

We set up on the deck of the Club with the beautiful view of the bay and San Francisco in front of us! It was so inspirational! It was also our drummer, Eric Engstom's, birthday, so we had to sing him the happy birthday song and have some tequila shots to celebrate! We played and watched the sunset, while people danced all night until quitting time! I must say there was some dirty dancing going on at that Yacht Club. Those people know how to party! We all really rose to the occasion and just had a great time. People often ask me, how I can dance so much up on stage? My answer is always, "I just feel the music, and look who I am playing with"! I just feel so fortunate to be able to play with such talented and amazing musicians that I can call my family.

It was great to have Randall and Mike there at the gig again, who are members and our fans. I also want to thank Randall for taking care of us by making sure we had everything we needed. It was an amazing gig. My favorite out of the three and I hope one we can do again in the near future!

San Rafael Farmer's Market


Hi Everyone,

Last Thursday night we played the Farmer's Market in San Rafael. We were lucky and got pretty decent weather until the wind started up a bit. We had a really nice turn out with friends and family and the usual locals that love to come hear music at the Market. We also got a special treat, with a group of very talented young men, who performed a wonderful drum line during our break! I believe it was a summer camp called "drums"? Not one hundred percent sure though, but an awesome camp anyway!  

Sausalito Seahorse


This Friday night, we played at the Sausalito Seahorse again. It was a blast! We had a great turnout with the local Seahorse patrons that live on the houseboats and many of our friends that normally don't get to come out. My wonderful friends Al and his wife Roxanna, and my co-workers that live in San Francisco and Petaluma made the long drive to Sausalito. I was really touched and a little nervous because they had never seen us play before, but after a drink, the nerves went away and I was carried away by the music. Ivica, our new guitarists was thrashing on guitar, all night long! It is safe to say that we gave new meaning to some song endings, like "Long Train"! It was so much fun, I really can't say that enough. Thanks to all our friends who came out to see us, and to Randall and Mike, who continue to be our greatest fans!

Sausalito Seahorse June 7th


Wanted to thank all the faithful who came out to party with us at the Seahorse last Friday.  The new improvements to the sound system were immediately noticeable.  It's always great when a venue values the quality of the sound, like these guys do.  You made us feel right at home, as usual, and really jacked up the energy on multiple occasions.  My favorite moment was when Ivica went into that Turkish guitar instrumental in the middle of Fire on the Bayou - it seemed to take everyone by surprise and cranked up the vibe.  We came up with that in rehearsal, like so many things, and what started out as a funny aside turned into a viable interlude.  Thanks again for making it a really fun night!

4th Street Tavern


Hey Everyone,

Last Saturday night, we played the 4th Street Tavern in San Rafael. We had an awesome night, and a few surprises too! Our friends and long time fans, Kim and Jed, were in town from Eureka, and came to our show. It was so great to see them! Lots of our friends came by, including Tom Huebner and Tom O'Callahan from Lumination, Natalie, and of course, Sara, who's love for music makes her a regular at the 4th Street! It was a party, with lots of dancing and somehow, a few too many tequilla shots! Did I say that? Other than the persuit of food, which was never found cause not a damn thing was open, it was a pretty subdued night even though we rang in Saint Patty's Day!  

More to come....

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